Unit test your Django views

How to test views of a Django application?

Django's builtin test client is not suitable for unit testing! It performs system tests: it handles your views as a black box in a project's environment.

This article provides a recipe for developers to replace Django's builtin test client by smaller, fine-grained …

Introducing diecutter

Today, we initiated a proof-of-concept template generation service called diecutter:

  • at a given URL, there is a "template" resource;
  • post variables to resource's URL and receive the rendered string.

The resource is, basically, an engine (Jinja) and a template string.


The project is at a really early stage, but …

Psycho-rebasing: merge-based

This article tries to point out a potential problem with rebasing, and how to solve it with merges. Examples use Git, but the story could be adapted to other DVCS, like Mercurial with rebase extension.



master: C0---C1---C2
topic:     C3

Basic rebasing git checkout topic && git rebase master:

master …

Merging the right way

If, during a merge, you have to resolve conflicts on files you didn't change in your branch, then you maybe merged the wrong way. Yes, during a merge, direction matters. Here are some tips to figure it out and avoid some merge nightmares.

Apply your changes on top of other's …

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