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Testing Django decorators

How to test view decorators of Django applications? Here are some tips.

In a post before, I recommended to avoid decorating views in place (i.e. not in Once decorators and views are separated, we can unit test the views. That was the topic of the post before …

A Django testing challenge

Here at Novapost, we have quite large Django projects. Big projects mean big maintenance. Hopefully, those projects are covered by tests. Thousands of tests. We are quite proud of this fact. Tests save our lives. But we also have some worries and need to improve... Here is our testing challenge …

Unit test your Django views

How to test views of a Django application?

Django's builtin test client is not suitable for unit testing! It performs system tests: it handles your views as a black box in a project's environment.

This article provides a recipe for developers to replace Django's builtin test client by smaller, fine-grained …

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