Circus Sprint @ Novapost July 8th-9th, 2013


Circus is a process & socket manager. It can be used to monitor and control processes and sockets.

At Novapost, we usually launch processes on different (virtual) machines, so we wanted Circus to manage processes launched on different servers.

Today we are using circus in production and one nice feature is to be able to monitor all processes and sockets dispatched around our servers from one interface.

Mozilla is coming

Circus is an Open Source project started by Tarek Ziadé and Alexis Metaireau from the Mozilla Services team.

It appears that after one year of development, Mozilla is now looking forward to use Circus internally to manage their service infrastructure.

As a matter of fact we, at Novapost, are also planning to replace our supervisord based infrastructure with circus.

A Sprint to implement clustering

Novapost is organizing a Sprint on Circus for two days in Paris.

From July the 8th to July the 9th 2013.

Pizza and Drinks will be provided.

You are welcome to help us, please register here :

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Second Circus sprint

Last Wednesday, the 31st of October, we (with Rémy Hubscher, from Novapost, Alexis Métaireau and Tarek Ziade from Mozilla) sprinted for the second time on Circus. If you wish to have a preview of the first sprint, head on to Alexis' blog.

Circus is a process and sockets manager written …

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